Getting your first freelance work through bidding is not that easy as it seems, but again neither it is that complicated. With well over 12 million registered freelancers and over 5 million registered clients on Upwork itself things do not look that simple to acquire your first project through this portal. We come across different blogs and websites which say that you can earn income online or you can get projects by working on these websites but no one explains you the process involved in winning the project.

Now the question arises, that when others can win projects then why can’t you? Before we proceed further you need to understand as how these freelancing websites like Upwork works. These freelancing websites work as mediators where they bring in freelancers like us and clients on the other end, thus by creating a win win situation for both the parties. Freelancer or Upwork on the other hand charges a small ratio as their commission for each project won by you.

Few years back it was not that difficult to acquire a project through these websites as the registered freelancers were comparatively less. So, if you scroll through any of the freelancer profile built 3 to 5 years back or beyond you could see the number of project won, their portfolio and then the Reviews they had received. Of course dedication is the core factor that matters, when you start working on these websites. But once you start receiving positive reviews from your client, then it becomes a cakewalk for you to acquire more projects in the future.

Today, I would like to share with you the 5 tips that had helped me build a successful freelancing profile.

1. Understanding The Project You are Bidding For

If you select the interested category, where you are hunting for your maiden freelance job, you will find that there are plenty of works available for you as well as for your other freelance competitors posted by different clients from different countries. Show you Interest only to the Project if you are clear with what the Client demands and that you are confident in executing the Project successfully, then go for it or else leave it and hunt for other work.

2. Be clear when drafting the Proposal.

 Avoid using the stereotype mechanism while drafting your proposal like “I am the best, or please assign me the work”. Remember for a project posted by the client they receive plenty of bids so try to be clear and concise while drafting your proposal, for e.g. show the client that you have understood the proposal, explain the technicalities in executing the project, the actions to be taken by you during the implementation on his project, the skills you got, the time limit taken with a proper reasoning. This shows the client that you had actually read and understood the client’s requirement and who knows you might be shortlisted from the big list.

3. Attach Your Sample Work.

Once you are able to clear the step 1 and 2, the next thing that a Client would love to see would be the work of yours. The portfolio should have the sample work of yours. Even if you do not have much in your portfolio ensure that the ones that you do have are the best and anyone should fall for it. Your first impression is the final impression. Once you are able to impress him with your portfolio you are almost there to acquire your first project.

4. Playing with the Pricing – the Bid Amount.

This is where I have seen many go wrong. Never think that just by bidding on the lower price amount will help you win a freelance project. Calculate the cost involved in executing the project and bid accordingly. Try to maintain an average bid amount of the Project. If you feel that the cost for the Project described by the Client is less compared to your cost and if you want to proceed with your Bid, give a proper break-up of the cost involved for executing the Project and explain the scenario as what made you raise the Bid Amount higher than the actual amount projected by the Client. There are Clients who can understand and I have seen clients placing orders to freelancers with the highest bid amount.

5. Double Check Your Proposal before Your Submit

Once after all the necessary steps have been completed from Step 1 to 4, make sure that you cross check the proposal before you submit. Do make a point that there are no misspellings, the grammar is perfect and that you had attached all your files including your sample work.

Once you have submitted the proposal take a deep breathe, if required take a small break and then proceed with the hunting for your next project. Overall, during the starting phase of yours into these freelance websites just to bid on 1 project might take you an hour to one and half.  Do not spend your time over thinking about the project that you had submitted. Leave that part to your client, let him decide. For me it took around 24 days to win my first project. Just have that patience in you flowing and give your dedication towards the work. Things will take time to roll on but yes results would be guaranteed.

There are many freelancing websites available where you can register yourself and start working, but it would be my suggestion that to stay focused on to 1 or 2 websites initially and then once you start getting awarded with projects you can start increasing your exposure towards other freelance websites as well.