Finding work as a freelancer sometimes can be difficult. Time consuming task that every freelancer goes trough is finding clients. Freelance sites connects freelancers to clients. There are many sites out there and we have chosen best sites at the moment.


freelancer com frontpage

This is the largest platform for freelancers, with +20 million users. But they haven’t raise this number of users thank to their concern for users on sites. has accuried many freelance sites, like vWork, GetAFreelancer. All users have been transfer and redirected them into their site (against their will!). could be a good place to start while learning new skill, but don’t rely on this platform too much for longer period.

Tip: When you get hired by the client, Freelancer takes commission from your account/card before project starts. Make sure that client is trustworthy so you don’t get in trouble. (Example: Accept job for $500, you get charged $50)

20. LinkedIn Profinder

linkedin freelance platform profinderIn case you have missed it, LinkedIn launched their own freelance platform Profinder. It was before Microsoft acquisition. Although it was natural move by LinkedIn they didn’t get enough momentum at the time. It started only for San Francisco area and later they expanded for whole US. Freelancers that tried to work on Profinder had hard time to get single gig from it. I have put this on this list considering its made by LinkedIn and since it is still a pilot program.

19. CraigList

CraiglistCraig list is not only for selling your old couch. It can be a powerful tool to get a freelance gig. There are many jobs posting in every country so explore a little, look for a job that suits your needs.
Plus side is, there are many remote jobs available. Downside is that anyone can post a job there so be careful so you don’t get scammed. Some freelancers had better luck posting their services and let the clients come to them.

18. Angel List Jobs

angel list freelance jobs

Angel List is top site for freelancers to get a gig at start up. Angel List offers lot of jobs posted in many variety. Just filter one that suits your skills and availability and start applying for jobs.

17. Fiverr

fiverr freelance

Started out as “All for $5” service platform, now Fiverr has raised that limit. Now you can set you own price for service that you offer. Considering this site as an education for negotiation of your rates. Even though services starts for low as a $5, you can get more money from client by offering more related services.

16. People Per Hour

People per hour

It is mix of Upwork and Fiverr. You can post your services or you can bid on jobs. Not much different from other general freelance sites but could land you a few jobs.

15. Guru

Guru Freelance siteThis site is one of those that looks like it is My First Website. But it made to this list because people make money using this site. Searching through site single freelancer(agency) made $162 k last year. It may be the highest earning freelancer, but you could give it a go.

14. Dribble Jobs

dribble jobsInvite only portfolio service can be a great place for designer to get hired or to apply for the full time design jobs.

13. Behance Jobs

behance jobsWorks same as the Dribble Jobs, clients pay $399 for posting job so you can be sure they will hire someone. Designers can get hired if you have cool looking projects in portfolio.

12. 99design

99 design


Contest freelance platform for designer is a place where you can get your portfolio a little bigger. On 99design you compete with around 50 freelancers per contest from around the world.

11. Envato Studio

envato studio freelancing

Envato, known for selling digital assets, like WP themes on Themeforest and Codecanyon for selling code. Part of Envato group is freelance platform Envato studio. You can post your services and then wait to get hired by the client. This can be good side money, especially if you are know setting up and customisation of WordPress themes.

10. Stack Overflow Jobs

stackoverflow jobs

If you are kick ass programmer, this could be great place to boost your freelance career. Although it has jobs board, your portfolio will be the one that makes the difference. According to some programmers setting up good portfolio makes employers come to you.

9. Github Jobs 

github jobs

Although most of the jobs are full time, you can find good part-time programming contracts. Even if there is full time job opening, this can be a good place to get you leads.

8. WordPress Jobs

wp jobsWordPress has its own job board. Job postings are little slow but there are jobs from many areas like design and programming jobs. Once again, you can take leads from there.

7. Folyo

folyoOne of the newer freelance site could be a good place to catch some clients. There is no rating system. Folyo connects startups with trustworthy design and development firms over email.

6. Krop

kropKrop is like Folyo only for designers. Here you can bid on jobs or clients can find you trough their resume database.

5. Localancers

localancersLocalancers is freelance platform that enables you to find local freelancers. Freelancer based on their skills, price and location. They are offering first year for free($19) considering they are still new on the market.

4. Upwork upwork

Merging 2 great sites should give you one that will fit your need. But in case of Upwork this is not a case. They merged one of the best platform that was out there Elance with good one oDesk. Made a lot of freelancers angry and made them look for jobs elsewhere. On top of that they added 20% commission that made quality freelancers flee from the site. With all that said Upwork is still one of the best sites out there. No thanks to the fact that Upwork is good but the lack of the quality competition. Lots of jobs posted every day and lot of freelancers as a competition.

3. Gigster

GigsterGigster offers to clients the best developers, designers and project managers. Quality check makes it different from Upwork and similar sites. They only accept the best ones out there so if you feel that you are on that level sure consider applying on Gigster.

2. Crew

crew freelanceOne of the freelance platform for designers and programmers that has most potential. Crew have a quality check that assures you that you will be in good company. They only accept number of freelancers that are needed for the amount of the projects they currently have.

1. Toptal

toptalToptal made it to the top of the list thanks to their quality check and hiring, at the begging, top 3% developers. Now they have expanded their offerings for freelancers. Now, alongside developers, you can work as a designer and financial experts. They have detailed interview process so be honest about your skills.

Here are some of my favorites. There is no site that will fit everyone need. It is best to try most of these until you find one that will suit you the most. What is your favorite freelance site?