Many of you when starting your own business are depressed, angry, and bummed out. You watched “The Social Network” and got all excited to be your own boss but you’re broke AF and instead of cruising in that brand new Maserati, you’re cruising in your parents’ basement. Your bank account has cobwebs growing and the last person who checked out your E-commerce page was your red-headed stepsister who had the hots or you.

But, But Euclides…I signed up for that Forbes Conference, I bought the latest Tai Lopez program, and I’m following all those #inspired IG motivational quote pages, and am even part of a dozen “brainstorming entrepreneurship groups! I’ve even put up a “CEO” on my LinkedIn.


Here’s my advice to you. Stop masturbating and be honest to yourself. You don’t want to start a business, you want to dream about starting one. Entrepreneurship is HARD and is a LOT OF WORK. But it’s not impossible. The reason most people aren’t successful is not because they have “bad luck” but it’s because they don’t do anything. Going to conferences, scrolling memes, and making visions boards all day is NOT work. These things might be supplemental to the work you do, but it’s NOT ACTUAL WORK. Too many people I see spend almost ALL THEIR TIME doing supplemental masturbation, than actually doing ANYTHING to advance their business.


So now that you’ve understood that, here’s the kicker. Want to know in one sentence what successful founders do? They are active and EXECUTE. They don’t passively consume information and wait for life to “happen to them.” They don’t give a shit about the flashing of their iPhones or for that little (1) symbol on another tab of their Chrome browser. Nor do they give a shit about making it to every meet-up event or downloading every startup podcast, or doing $100 webinars with another YouTube ad star promising how they’ll teach them how to make it big selling things on Amazon.

What those obsessed with peak-productivity do focus on is execution. And they focus on it more than most people think humanly possible. Chris Sacca wrote a great medium post about the Founder of UBER, Travis Kalanick’s work ethic. In it he says:

“He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t lose focus. He will even forget to eat. He executes again and again, inspiring those around him to have the same passion for the end game as he does.”

This unrelenting desire to be biased towards execution means that time is spent on getting out there and getting sh*t done rather sitting in the confines of your home in front of your smartphone scrolling at success memes or re-reading success guides all day.

Stop just reading them. Apply them.
That sales call you have been putting off? Do it now.
That conversation you wanted to have with your boss about a raise? Stop putting it off, call him now.
That blog you were going to start? Do it now.
That podcast you were going to start? Start it now.

You should be so obsessed with action that you cannot think about anything else. Get so consumed with action that you forget to check your phone.


Take it from me, you’ll learn more from screwing up in real life than you’ll learn from hypothetical situations that someone posted on Reddit. That’s how it goes. The quicker you fail, the quicker you can change to succeed, and the quicker you will succeed. This is how you get better. If you never execute, how will you know if your idea is good or not?

This the way of man. Leave the endless planning and thinking to the dreamers. 5-Year plans might be the status quo in Soviet Russia, but we all know how well that actually ended up working out for them.

You must fall to rise. You must break to recreate. A sword must be forged in fire. Be the sword.

Now, if you’re still serious about starting a business, get off this Reddit, zip your pants back up, and stop texting that chick who is going to ghost your broke ass anyways and f*cking execute. Your wallet will thank you for it, trust me.